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Los Angeles, CA, United States
English Punks Ian England and Johnny F formed Blunt in September 2006 with the main aim of re-introducing Californian punks to long forgotten, and even rarely played, proper English Street Punk.

Debut Album - 'Proud & Punk'

"Proud & Punk" perfectly articulates the frustration, rage and dissatisfaction of the British working class with the British establishment during the late 70s as if they were there. Its easy to see how the bands roaring energy, anchored with relentless full on rhythm guitar, no-nonsense drumming, and a singer that takes on the feel of the real fore-fathers of the British punk movement. I know it doesn't sound especially innovative anymore, at this stage of the fashion show, but it's not innovation, rather skillful assimilation and construction that counts with a band like Blunt.
- by Jonny Taint on March 10, 2008

1.We Are Blunt - 2.Seventy Seven - 3.More More More - 4.Sniffin Knickers feat.Tony & Tino from The Negatives(Bradford UK) - 5.ASBO Teen - 6.Fat Cats Factory Pet - 7.Seventy Seven - Live - 8.Maggie Thatcher RIP (Demo) - 9.Tazer Happy Cops - 10.Plastic (Demo)

You can buy the album for only $4.99 here:


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We are now taking orders for our forcomming second album 'Blunt - Greatest Tits'
Track listing will be at least 10 brand NEW tracks PLUS all of the first album 'Proud & Punk' re-worked and re-recorded.
You now have the opportunity to order 'Blunt - Greatest Tits' on Pre-Release (Due to be released by the end of 2008) saving at least $5 on each album. You will receive the album at least one month before it is released to the general public.

People who have Pre-Ordered Blunt's 'Greatest Tits'

Others w/out pics : Kevin Moore - Brantford Ontario Canada

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Latest Blunt News

We currently have no gigs lined up so we are going to go into the studio to rehearse on the 19th of this month and plan to do some recording for the second album on the 22nd. We will also be working on our upcoming single 'Don't Kill For Me'.

We are planning on a mini tour of Oregon to coincide with the second album release and hopefully will play in Portland, Seattle, and Washington. We'll keep you informed.

We are still open to offers to play in and around Los Angeles but please read our 'Booking Policy' blog on MySpace first if you are interested here.



Sunday, June 1, 2008

Your Lyrics on our next album ?

Fancy having your lyrics on our next album ?
Send us your lyrics and we'll make a tune out of them. You'll be credited on the album and recieve some free goodies too !
Just email your lyrics to


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